Choose Your Fill


  • It's the traditional fill and has been used for thousands of years. 
  • Cotton feels softer than buckwheat and is quiet to sit on.
  • Though the cotton filled cushions can flatten with use, they can be revived by squeezing and fluffing up the cushion. This will also restore lift. 
  • The level of cotton cannot easily be adjusted.  Re-stuffing a cotton cushion really requires professional equipment - using a yard stick or long wooden dowel will result in uneven areas and lumps.
  • Cotton is light weight compared to Buckwheat Hulls.  

Buckwheat Hulls 

  • Buckwheat Hull filled cushions are adjustable. They each have a zippered opening, allowing you to remove and re-add buckwheat hulls to adjust the height and comfort of the cushion.
  • Buckwheat hulls conform to the shape of the body and provide a grounded feel.
  • The Buckwheat Hulls make a bit of a scrunching sound when you move around on them.
  • Buckwheat Hull cushions weigh about twice as much as cotton cushions.
  • The hulls break down after a while, but are easy to replace or add to through the zippered opening, providing longevity of use.