Our Product

tpECOmat 3mm, 5mm, & 8mm

TPE stands for Thermo-Plastic Elastomer. But don’t let the technical-sounding name fool you! This is a new, 100% recyclable and photodegradable composite material, completely free of PVC, latex, rubber and allergens. Thermo Plastic Elastomer is a non-porous, resilient and highly elastic material, meaning you can stretch it repeatedly without compromising its original shape. Our mats are constructed using closed-cell technology, which makes them impervious to germs, odor and bacteria. The Kulae tpECOmats are extremely lightweight – especialy for their level of durability – and will not start to smell over time like rubber mats. The 3mm tpECOmat can be folded into squares, which makes it convenient for travel in a backpack or tote. We also carry this mat in a 5mm and 8mm thickness.  The 5mm mat offers perfect cushion for all styles while maintaining a firm base for balance, and the 8mm mat is perfect for both restorative yoga and Pilates. TPE is an extremely clean, scent-free and eco-friendly material that will dry off within 30 minutes of cleaning. A simple shower for the mat will do! Hang it over a towel rack and it’ll dry in a half hour. For a deeper clean, we recommend using our Kulae organic mat cleaner or the organic mat cleaning product of your choosing.

Elite Hybrid (towel/mat combo)

The Elite Hybrid combines a towel and a mat into one amazingly convenient product. The towel-like top layer is a bamboo/microfiber blend. The bottom layer is constructed of eco-friendly PER. Of course, there are no toxins, phthalates or PVCs in this mat. Because the top surface is antimicrobial and antibacterial, this mat does not need to be washed after every use — typically one wash every 4 or 5 uses does the trick! And when the time comes, it is machine-washable with cold water on a gentle cycle, and can be hung up or tumbled dry on low heat. (If the washer machine is top-loading with an agitator in the center, simply fold the mat the long way and wrap it around the spindle so the blades don’t knick the mat.)