For B Yoga founder Andrea Morris, yoga has always been more than just a hobby; it’s been a ritual, a sanctuary and an abiding passion. 

Andrea developed her vision for B Yoga at The Stewart Group, her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company. She was working with an innovative type of rubber, originally created for carpet pads, when she realized that the material’s distinctive qualities – its exceptionally grippy texture, its eco-friendliness and its durability – could make it the perfect yoga mat. And so, after endless prototyping and fine-tuning, the B MAT was born. 

Since the very first B MAT, B Yoga has made it their priority to bring simple, enduring yoga staples to the yoga community in Canada, the USA and internationally. 

The B MAT is B Yoga's core and top selling product and continues to be the heart of our company. As B Yoga has continued to grow, so has its offerings, making products for all kinds of yogis -- elevating essentials, produced with an emphasis on performance, comfort, and contemporary design. B Yoga makes products for the real world, to meet the needs of real people.

be honest

ignore hype, gimmicks, bells and whistles. stay grounded, and focus on simplicity and durability.

be good

act responsibily as a citizen of your community and the globe. treat yourself, others and the world with kindness and generosity.

be open

embrace new ideas, new traditions and the diverse possibilities life offers.

be true

resist temptations to conform to conventions. celebrate authenticity, honesty and openness.

be focused

resist temptation to do too much. concentrate on the things that matter. do what you do, and do it very well.