C8-Pro Reformer

$3,400 CAD | $2,750 USD

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The C8-Pro is the ultimate C Series reformer, featuring an oversize aluminum profile & foot bar and all new 8 PU wheel carriage system for the quietest and lowest maintenance ride available. Like all 2020 Align-Pilates commercial reformers the C8-Pro features our new patent pending Rapid change (RC) spring bar for the easiest and quickest adjustment on the market.


Many Pilates professionals choose their reformer based on the ride characteristics and the biggest determinant of that is the number and type of wheels. The C8-Pro features 8 wheels which are designed to give a quieter and softer ride. As it’s easy to store/stack, this is perfect for any Studio looking to save space!



  • Class leading 106.5cm of smooth travel Class-leading travel – 106.5cm
  • Large and comfortable carriage bed Large & comfortable carriage 92cm x 58cm
  • 8 Wheel PU System Improved anodized aluminium runners with a 8 PU wheel carriage for super quiet and maintenance free ride
  • Oversize & 4 Lockable foot bar positions Oversized foot bar & lowered pivot point for extra solid feel. Lockable foot bar with 4 positions
    including flat
  • Patent Pending Rapid Change Spring bar Patent pending rapid change spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using one hand
    and a single action. Watch features video ►
  • Quick and easy rope adjustments Rapid rope length adjustment system that adjusts both ropes simultaneously, with 7 rope length variations
  • Choice of 2 Leg Heights Choice of heights, either standard 26cm height or, 44cm with optional leg extension
  • Adjustable Shoulder and head Rests Improved 3 position headrest. Removable & lockable shoulder rest with new off-centred shoulder pads to give a choice of two widths.
  • Adaptable with Full & Hall Cadillac options The C8 is compatible with the Half Cadillac and Full Cadillac
  • Space saving- can stack/stand & be wheeled Space-saving – The C8-Pro can be wheeled for ease of movement and storage, it can be stacked and can “free stand” when selected with either the optional free standing feet or the extension leg option
  • Commercially Warranted Light commercial warranty 27.5 hours per week (this applies to all Studio reformers)

add ons

Platform Extender
CAD: $95USD: $85
Leg Extensions
CAD: $190USD: $145
Free Standing Legs
CAD: $90USD: $80
Mat Converter
CAD: $285USD: $230
Jump Board
CAD: $170USD: $140
Pro Sitting Box
CAD: $330USD: $275
Curved Pro Sitting Box
CAD: $330USD: $275
1/2 Cadillac with Bracket
CAD: $1910USD: $1590
Full Cadillac with Bracket
CAD: $3120USD: $2480

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?

The C8-Pro includes all Springs, Ropes & Handles to enable you to practice straight after the assembly of the Reformer. All of our commercial Reformers also come with a free Foot Strap as standard.

What is the Rapid Change (RC) Spring bar and how does it differ from a normal spring bar?

The Rapid Change RC Spring bar is the new patent pending Spring bar from Align-Pilates. A traditional spring bar is used in conjunction with a separate carriage stopped and this can take up to 12 actions to change on a 5 spring reformer. The RC spring bar features integral carriage stoppers and is adjusted with the springs attached, it can be moved with one hand in a single action saving 3 to 11 additional actions every time you move the spring bar. The RC spring bar is a game changer in group reformer classes and it also prevents incorrect carriage stopper positions and the possibility of leaving your springs in a stressed position, which will reduce their life and performance. Watch video here!

What accessories can I have with my C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?
  • Gondola Pole – 60″ / 32″
  • Platform Extender
  • Leg Extensions (raise bed to 44cm)
  • Freestanding Legs
  • Jump Board
  • Pro Sitting Box
  • Planking Handles
  • Half Cadillac
  • Mattress Converter
  • Full Cadillac
  • Neck Pillow
Can I purchase my C8-Pro Pilates Reformer with a different leg height?

Leg extensions are sold as an extra accessory for the C8-PRO

What are the benefits of the different leg heights on the C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?

There are multiple considerations about getting the right Leg Height for you and your clients. Whilst primarily it’s a preference, you may wish to consider people’s comfort on sitting on a low leg Reformer vs. those sitting on a machine higher off the ground. Furthermore, if you or your client will be doing standing exercises, the user may feel more at ease performing lower to the ground. As standard all A & C series Reformers are supplied in low-leg form, but each has the ability to raise in height, at any time, should you require.

Do you offer Cadillac bundles with the C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?

Half Cadillac and Full Cadillac (along with their brackets) are add-ons available for C8-PRO

What exercises can I do on the C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?

subscribe to our YouTube channel: Align Pilate to find inspirational exercise videos from our customers.

What are the dimensions for the C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?
  • Reformer only – 239.5 (L) x 66 (W) x 26cm (H)
  • Reformer with Leg Extensions – 239.5 x 66 x 44cm
  • Standing height for storage – 240cm
  • Weight – 59kg (GW)
What's the max user weight for the C8-Pro Pilates Reformer?

Max User Weight is 150Kg

Is the C8-Pro Pilates Reformer the best reformer for me?

The C8-Pro offers the smooth silent travel, that can be found in the M8 Pro and A8 Pro, whilst offering the compactness of the C2 Pro RC. A hybrid of these 2 key components means it’s a fantastic choice for Studios & Gyms looking for a versatile Reformer with leading performance specifications.

How will my Reformer be delivered?

As standard all of our Reformers are often delivered on a pallet and therefore must have suitable access for van or lorry deliveries. Some assembly is required but you can find detailed instructions both in the User Manual Page and on our YouTube Channel.

What is the Align-Pilates Warranty?
Terms of Limited Lifetime Warranty

Align-Pilates offers the following limited lifetime warranty, for the periods as stated below from the date of purchase, to the original owner of their products, upon presentation of an original invoice in their name. The warranty is a Light Commercial Warranty allowing for a maximum usage of 27.5 hours per week.

Align-Pilates will repair or replace any mechanical part that malfunctions due to defects in materials and/or workmanship during the warranty period. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear, damage due to negligence or misuse, abuse, modification or unauthorized repair; scratches to the finish, and tears or indents in the upholstery. Align-Pilates will, at its discretion, repair or replace any parts deemed defective during the warranty period. If we opt to repair or replace your apparatus, this may require that your product is returned for inspection at our premises prior to sending out replacement apparatus. Parts repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period only. This warranty does not cover shipping charges, customs clearance fees (where applicable) or any costs incurred in installing repaired or replacement parts shipped under the provisions of this warranty.

This warranty will be null & void if springs are not changed as specified or, if all safety, maintenance and usage instructions as specified in the manuals are not observed or, if the equipment is used for any other purpose other than for recognized Pilates repertoire or if the equipment has been subjected to accident, abuse, improper service, or modification not authorised by the Align-Pilates.

Duration of Limited Warranty

  • 1) Metal & Aluminum Frames & welded components.
    10 year warranty
  • 2) Wooden Frames, Gear bar and foot bar mechanisms
    5 year warranty. Wooden frames must not be positioned next to convection radiators or air conditioning units.
  • 3) Other non-wear and tear components
    2 year warranty
  • 4) Ropes, Straps, Spring Clips, Handles, Fuzzies, Wheels, foot straps, Rotational disks & powder coating
    1 year warranty
  • 5) Springs
    2 year / 3,000 hours warranty is given on all springs, excepting that a decrease of 5% of the spring power per 1,500 hours usage is acceptable according to internationally standards. Align-Pilates Springs should be replaced after a maximum of 3,000 hours use or 2 years, whichever is earlier. In the event of any signs of damage or wear springs should be replaced immediately regardless of age or usage.
  • 6) Upholstery
    The upholstery fabric on Align-Pilates equipment will be replaced if it fails to give normal wear for 90 days from the date of delivery. Proof of damage may be required. This warranty does not cover cuts, scratches, burns, stains, soiling, or damages caused by unreasonable use such as wearing jewellery or inappropriate clothing whilst using the equipment. Align-Pilates reserves the right to substitute an equivalent fabric if an identical fabric is not available. Upholstery must be properly cared for – do not use chemical sprays or industrial soaps. Align-Pilates recommend using GymWipes (www.2xlcorp.com/contact-us/) to clean upholstery and wipe down equipment.

Warranty Return Procedure

The customer must call Align-Pilates or its authorized Distributor for authorization prior to returning the equipment. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning products to Align-Pilates (or their appointed Distributor) for warranty adjustment should this be deemed necessary. The customer is responsible for any damage or loss during shipment back to Align-Pilates (or their appointed Distributor). The customer is responsible for the cost of return freight to them in the event Align-Pilates decline to make a warranty adjustment. Align-Pilates do not accept responsibility for any items returned without a pre-approved authorization number, which must be clearly marked on the outside of the package.

Limitation of Liability

The above is our exclusive warranty and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. In no event shall Align-Pilates or their Distributors be liable for incidental, consequential or punitive damages.


This warranty is issued by Align-Pilates Equipment Ltd, 430 Enterprise Way, Vale Park, Evesham, Worcs WR11 1 AD, UK.
Telephone: + 44 1386 425920. www.align-pilates.com (V.5 Nov 2019)