The Flow of Tavi Noir

Women are masters at balancing a lot of things at once. Work life, home life, social life, family, friends, health, and fitness - we want to do it all and we are! Tavi Noir was built on the foundation of this balance.

Foundation of Flow

Founder Charlotte Hobgood was teaching barre classes, managing a household, caring for her kids, and spending quality time with friends and family. She was busy and balancing a lot. Adding “entrepreneur” to her resume, she created Tavi Noir as a time saver and solution to flowing from her studio classes to the zillion commitments she had after. There’s no need for outfit changes, just slip shoes on over your Tavi socks and get busy.

How to flow in and out class

We know you’re busy but never compromise your health for anything else. Maintaining your physical health will support your emotional wellbeing and lift your mood making every aspect of your life easier and more joyful. 

While the 60-minute barre, yoga or Pilates class is exactly what you need, you may have trouble making it a priority. Remember you always feel better after the workout than when you arrive, so help yourself get to the studio by using these 5 tips:

  • Write down your goals for the week and refer to them daily to remind yourself of the path you want to stay on. 
  • Find a cute bag that doubles as a purse and keep it stocked with these essentials: Cleansing face wipes; Extra hair ties; Nuts or dried fruit (something that won’t spoil); Lipgloss; Tinted moisturizer with SPF; and, Travel size deodorant or essential oil body spray (like peppermint or ylang ylang)
  • Workout in the morning. Not only will it give you energy for the rest of the day, but now you don’t have to worry about when you will fit it in later. We tend to let other things take priority over our fitness time. 
  • Wear Tavi Noir socks to, during and after class. They are the perfect fashion accessory for life on the go.
  • Make a gratitude list each night. When you acknowledge what brings you joy, you will return to that source.

Because you can wear Tavi Noir socks with and without shoes you don’t have to spend time putting socks on or taking them off before and after you favorite barre class. You have one less thing to do during your busy day. Let us help you flow through life and balance it all.