The Function of Tavi Noir

We always return to what works. From the workout we love to the skincare products we use to the clothes we wear, it’s important that what we use offers the function we need to deliver the results we are looking for. That’s why Tavi Noir are the best socks for your studio fitness classes. Our grips socks are beautiful and most importantly, have the function you need and love.

Function of the Grip Sock

Wear Tavi Noir grip socks during barre, yoga and Pilates workouts to get the most secure foot placement on the floor, mat, and all equipment. Our grip sole features a triangle pattern that helps keeps your body safe and allows your movements to go deeper. The high quality BPA-free grips have a plump texture that provides powerful grip strength and they won’t fall off or peel off. Our grips are designed to last through many washes and physical wear while other fitness-focused socks just lose their stick.

Function of the Triangle Grip Sole

Tavi’s technical triangle grip is based on the performance aspects of a surfboard traction pad. Triangles have three points of attachment so not only do they stay on the socks, but they also provide the most surface area for gripping. That’s why triangles are our favorite shape.

Function of the Design of Tavi Socks

Additional key features of every Tavi sock include:

  • Arch compression to support and comfort the mid-foot
  • Organic cotton that is soft, durable, and earth friendly
  • Fitted heel to eliminate twisting during movements

Tavi socks are designed for superior functionality, luxurious fit, beautiful detailing and the most comfortable fit. Why wear what doesn’t work when you can wear what works and looks best.