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Gofit Power Tube / Super Band Ankle Strap

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GOFIT Ankle Straps may be used with many cross-cable machines or home gyms, and are convenient to take to the gym for sanitary purposes. The Door Anchor may be used with almost any resistance tube or band of any brand. Master Pack: 4

The GoFit Ankle Strap's quick-adjust closure fits all sizes and the thick neoprene padding adds form-fitting comfort. The industrial-grade carabineer works with both Power Tubes and Super Bands for a quick and secure connection. Please follow the attached safety and attachment instructions that are included with this item.

Get effective strength training at home or anywhere with GoFit's Rubber Resistance Training System. The GoFit Ankle Strap is a key element of this portable weight-resistance system. The Go Fit Ankle Strap quickly and conveniently lets you use the Power Tubes and Super Bands for lower body exercises.

Resistance bands and tubes are sold separately.

Master Pack=4

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